KANJI URNS      $750 ea – This site only  + Shipping

Kanji Urns are Handcrafted original Cremation Urns – works of art employing stylized Japanese Characters (Kanji) redrawn by the artist for sculptural purposes – to impart a sense of artistry, quality, and respect, in honoring a loved one after a loss. The Kanji Urns will preserve the ashes of your loved one in a permanent and unique way, with a choice of several heartfelt messages. The Kanji Urns measure 9″x8″x6″, to fit into a standard Funerary niche, or they can be placed outside permanently, on a column or stone in a Garden or Memorial setting, or placed in the home as an Artistic element. Kanji Urns are welded and polished from Weather-resistant high grade Stainless Steel and high-quality Copper plate. The Copper backing is treated with a choice of Polished and Clear-Coated High-Quality Urethane (Gold), or a natural Copper-Green Patina (Aqua), and coated with Urethane for permanence. Internal access to the Kanji Urn is through a Brass-plugged hole on the bottom. Each Kanji Urn is signed by the artist.

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KANJI URN KEEPSAKES       $350 ea – This site Only + Shipping

Kanji Urn Keepsakes are smaller versions (3″x3″x3″) of the Kanji Urns for friends and family to retain a sample of their loved one’s ashes. Like the Kanji Urns, They are made of permanent weather-resistant Stainless Steel, and 2 color choices of high-quality treated Copper.


Almost any of Don Anderson’s currently available Stainless Steel Sculptures may be suitable as a Memorial for a lost loved one(s), and may be custom altered to accept Cremation Ashes by the subtle placement of a Brass plug on the top or bottom. We have a consultant team available to assist you in the choice and placement of the sculpture, right for you. We would also consider working with you on a commission basis, utilizing a sculpture design of your choice, similar to any in Don’s Current or Previous Works portfolio. Following are some examples of current and prior sculptures appropriate for a Memorial setting.