Don Anderson’s Artistic Kanji Urns and Keepsakes are Handcrafted original Cremation Urns – works of art employing stylized Japanese Characters (Kanji) redrawn by the artist for sculptural impact – to impart a quality of artistry and respect, in honoring a loved one after a loss. The Kanji Urns will preserve the ashes of your loved one in a permanent and unique way, with a choice of several heartfelt messages, with additional space allowed for engraving of a personal message if desired.

The Kanji Urns measure 9″x8″x6″, to fit into a standard Funerary niche. Or they can be placed outside permanently, on a column or stone in a Garden or Memorial setting, or placed in the home, near loved ones as an enduring reminder, and Artistic element. The Urns are large enough to hold the ashes of a large adult, or even two average-sized adults, if desired.

The Kanji Keepsakes measure 3″ x 3″ x 3″, replicate the larger Kanji Urns, and are designed to be gifted to family, friends, or loved ones with small portions of loved-ones’ ashes contained within. Some clients have chosen to employ the Keepsakes for the memorial keeping of beloved pets’ ashes.

Kanji Urns and Keepsakes are Laser cut, welded and polished from Weather-resistant high grade Stainless Steel and high-quality Copper plate. The Copper backing is treated for permanence and contrast with a choice of Polished and Clear-Coated High-Quality UV resistant Urethane (Natural Copper), or a Urethane-coated Green-Copper Patina. Internal access to the Kanji Urn is through a Brass-plugged hole on the bottom. Each Kanji Urn or Keepsake is a unique hand-made art piece signed by the artist. “Brushing Strokes” on the Stainless, and Green Copper Patinas may vary slightly from images shown.


URNS – $1080 + Shipping & Handling (Additional cost for Engraving or prepping for outside placement – please ask)

KEEPSAKES – $350 + Shipping & Handling

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KANJI URN KEEPSAKES       $350 ea + Shipping

Kanji Urn Keepsakes are smaller versions (3″x3″x3″) of the Kanji Urns for friends and family to retain a sample of their loved one’s ashes. Like the Kanji Urns, They are made of permanent weather-resistant Stainless Steel, and 2 color choices of high-quality treated Copper.


Almost any of Don Anderson’s currently available Stainless Steel Sculptures may be suitable as a Memorial for a lost loved one(s), and may be custom altered to accept Cremation Ashes by the subtle placement of a Brass plug on the top or bottom. We have a consultant team available to assist you in the choice and placement of the sculpture, right for you. We would also consider working with you on a commission basis, utilizing a sculpture design of your choice, similar to any in Don’s Current or Previous Works portfolio. Following are some examples of current and prior sculptures appropriate for a Memorial setting.