Don Anderson

A Welded Metal Sculptor, Master Welder,  AWS Certified Welding Inspector, and Welding Educator in the Welding Trades for 40 years. I earned a BFA from the University of Kansas, before relocating to the Pacific Northwest 45 years ago. I have lived in Northwest Washington, nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains for 25 years, with my wife, also an artist, and near our children and grandchildren. Rural living never ceases to inspire.

The abstract imagery I work with in Sculpture is often nature based, always seeking the soul of a thought, from sensory responses and observations of energy themes (wind, heat waves, water, clouds) to tangible expressions of feelings, emotions, actions, and human relationships. As a communicator, I am attracted to visual representations of thoughts and expressions, as in the Japanese Kanji I incorporate in some of my work. This is expressly heartfelt in the choice of key Kanji which express enduring thoughts, feelings, and compassion for the loss of a friend or loved one in my unique Funerary, Burial, Cremation “Kanji Urns”.

My primary medium is metal – usually Stainless Steel and other metals (copper, steel). With the exception of the Kanji Sculptures and Kanji Urns, which are CNC Plasma or Laser cut, my free-form sculptures of all sizes are hand drawn or painted directly on metal, then hand-cut, fabricated, TIG welded, polished, and sometimes balanced with other earth elements (stone, iron, wood), or colorized to achieve the highest conceptual impact.