Artist Statement

The abstract imagery I work with is nature based, from observation of Fractals and recurring energy themes (wind, heat, waves). My material is metal. I have learned the intricacies of metalworking techniques through a 30 year career as a professional pipe welder, Certified Welding Inspector, and Professional Technical Welding Instructor. I have a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Kansas, where the wind seldom ceases to blow. My creative work is all hand crafted with original forms; cut, fabricated, welded, polished, and balanced with earth elements (stone, iron, wood) for conceptual impact. I am attracted to language, so 3-D Japanese Kanji are also current themes of my work.

Fractals are the physical evidence of dynamic interplay between order and chaos that we witness on a daily basis in nature. Fractals imply a non-linear existence and help us to create a basis for self-organization out of the chaos produced from a dynamic universe.

My long-held interest in Fractals reflects my understanding of life as a cyclical pattern of events passing through time, leading me on a journey ever evolving toward the core of being. Many times in my life, I have seemed to pass familiar signposts, yet they, the surroundings, or myself are always somewhat changed by the passing of time and circumstance, never allowing the pure completion of the circle. The spiral is a perfect symbol of this evolutionary process, symbolizing both inward and outward growth and progression.

Great aesthetic beauty can be seen in many fractal images such as lightning, mountains, deserts, trees, clouds, ocean waves, ripples on the water, eddies in a stream, snowflakes, seashells and rock formations.

Emerald Spring @ Oswego