That which is invisible has always intrigued me. Essential power, mystical power, power from our collective past, the power of nature, the power of myth. I look to see how unseen forces guide our lives. I allow other realities. I know I too am a nature spirit. Releasing my wings of expression is the joy with which all of my work is imbued.

I first began experimenting with hyper-tufa in 1999, after having worked in clay for 30 years. The blending of cement, peatmoss, and sand, used in hyper-tufa revealed less plasticity than clay; however, I found the immediacy of the process and the durability of the product for exterior applications to be exciting. I like the concreteness of form playing with the mysterious and very tangible beauty of the natural world around us. I feel like an explorer in new territory of my artistic expression. I have taken on a purer form of cement as my current medium, welding steel bases and armatures when needed, and most commonly using sand or sheet flashing as casting molds.

I intend for my sculptures to evoke ancient reminders of a coexistence with Gaia, the sacred source, to prepare our hearts and minds as suitable instruments of God’s grace, flowing as a spiral in a never-ending stream of life.